A study was done about “luck”  a few years ago.

Seventeen people who regarded themselves as “lucky” and 17 people who regarded themselves as “unlucky” were each asked to walk along a street in the middle of the day. A 20 dollar note had been planted on the path in front of them.

All 17 of the “lucky” people saw it and picked it up. All 17 of the “unlucky” people missed it.

If you see yourself as a lucky person, we need you to work with Sand Hill Road! Let’s waste no more time:

Simply email your CV to our Group General Manager, Scott Elvery:

Whether you’re an experienced sous chef, head chef, bar person, waiter, manager or first-time learner in the hospitality industry, we’re always looking for hungry, fun, ambitious staff to take our story further.

The Sand Hill Road philosophy is underpinned by simple 5 words: Laugh. Learn. Live. Love Life.

Yes, they all happen to all begin with the letter “L” but it’s not a gimmick. It’s how we see our world – and it’s how we see you in it.


Andy, Matt, Doug & Tom